International climate governance

DDP enhances global climate governance, aligns with Paris Agreement goals. Engages with UNFCCC, fosters international cooperation for ambitious national actions. Emphasizes bottom-up approach, aligns international processes to address country-specific needs, bridges UNFCCC with other global forums for effective global decarbonization.

Sectoral transformations

Focused on decarbonizing shipping and steel sectors for Paris Agreement goals. Emphasizes addressing demand side in shipping and promoting green iron trade for sectoral transformations. Engages in research, policy papers, and dialogues with stakeholders for global decarbonization strategies in maritime transport and steel manufacturing.

Paradigm Shift in Finance

Urgent need for finance paradigm shift in climate action. Just Energy Transition Partnerships (JETPs) aid global south countries’ shift to clean energy while addressing social justice. Focus on country-driven finance, global cooperation, and key activities to strengthen JETPs, involving ministries of finance and international fora.