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A net-zero economy by 2060 is possible for Nigeria with positive structural transformations of the economy says DDP-Nigeria Report

A new report by DDP-Nigeria shows Nigeria can achieve its commitment of net zero by 2060 but that this is possible only under the assumption of a renewable energy scenario that transforms the AFOLU sector.
JETP Indonesia

Food and land use systems at COP28: preparing implementation of NDCs and funding mechanisms

While the increased attention to food systems at COP28 is welcome, these initiatives are pieces of a puzzle that is far from complete. The initiatives and processes discussed above must translate into action.

What if we start working together as a world?

In a tense geopolitical context, COP28 is a moment of truth for climate action and the ultimate test for the Paris Agreement, which was built on the dual premise of country-driven action and reinforced cooperative approaches to deliver ambition.

The Global Stocktake must be more ambitious about the transport sector

To reach the Paris Agreement goal of 1.5°C and limit the consequences of climate change on development and biodiversity,  we have to start reducing transport emissions drastically and reach at least 59% emissions reduction by 2050.

What does Just Energy Transition mean for countries like Senegal?


State of COP28 talks: Little progress, no clear way forward on international cooperation

The DDP’s official statement on international cooperation at COP28
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How JETPs can be of service to COP28

UNFCCC can act to tackle unfit international cooperation, without having to be the place where all the cooperative processes take place. JETPs were born at the outskirts of the COP, but nonetheless are an extraordinary source of learning that COP28 needs.

New DDP report calls for “innovative international cooperation” to reach Paris Agreement goals, as COP28 starts this week

Traditional approaches to international cooperation are insufficient to reach the objectives of the Paris Agreement. As a complement to the existing governance framework, innovative solutions must start happening, according to a new report “Innovative International Cooperation for Climate” published by the Deep Decarbonization Pathways (DDP) Initiative.

The Global Stocktake: A critical juncture for increased ambition

The first Global Stocktake will culminate at COP28 after two years of technical and political processes. It is a critical milestone to reach the objectives of the Paris Agreement.