Build your own decarbonization pathways

This website hosts a pathway building tool based on the DDP Approach that allows the user to articulate physical and socio-economic transformations to develop new decarbonization pathways. 

You will need from one to a few hours to develop your first pathway, depending on your expertise and knowledge. 
Starting from the development of your storyline, throughout eight categories of transformations, you can then visualize your pathway in six graphic categories. At this stage, you can compare your scenario with another existing one,save its different elements (story, computation, dashboard and graphs) or go back to correct your storyline. 

We also offer the possibility for external partners to join and support the community in: 


Deep decarbonization pathways for transport sector

Here is a beta version to build pathways for the passenger transport sector in France.

Build pathways in France for transport sector…

It will be regularly updated and enriched with new countries and sectors, starting with freight transport.