LAC CLIMATE WEEK: Building a regional LAC perspective on the Global Stocktake

Despite some interesting features, the Global Stocktake (GST) process is faced with two key limitations that affect its relevance for Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries. Firstly, due to negotiating groups structures, there is a poor reflection of needs and opportunities of the region, especially including the potential for intra-regional collaborative approaches. Secondly, international cooperation, despite being a central part of the GST, has been less addressed in the submissions and discussions.

The GST provides an ideal opportunity to develop a set of common, succinct messages which can help support a Paris-aligned vision of international cooperation and, by so doing, catalyse the political push for an increase in collective ambition in targets and actions. Investing in preparing a genuine LAC vision to the GST process is necessary to reinforce the effectiveness and inclusiveness of global climate solutions, and ultimately lead to a more successful outcome of COP28. This side event will discuss the outcomes of a collaborative project “Building a regional LAC perspective on the Global Stocktake” which seeks to highlight a story of needs and opportunities that resonates with civil society, researchers, negotiators, and decisionmakers across the region through a sense of common interest in the transition to a just, low-emissions economy.