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DDP submission to the UNFCCC on freight decarbonization

The DDP submitted to the UNFCCC recommendations on freight decarbonization to support international cooperation.

DDP Submission to the UNFCCC GST on international cooperation

The DDP, together with IDDRI and Tempus Analitica, submitted to the UNFCCC views and recommendations addressing international cooperation in the context of the implementation of the Paris Agreement, based on the experiences and needs of the Latin American and Caribbean Region.

DDP and ENDA Energie publishes article on Carbon Brief

The article, entitled “Behind the scenes at Senegal’s ‘just energy transition partnership’” talks about the process of how Senegal reached a deal that is aligned with their national development goals.
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DDP Indonesia Workshop

The DDP Indonesia team conducted a workshop on the Acceleration of Decarbonization in the Indonesian Energy Sector on September 6th and 7th in Jakarta

GST Africa Report

Status Quo Analysis on African engagement and perspectives on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Global Stocktake
A new report about the engagement of African countries in the first Global Stocktake was published today.

DDP Days 2023

The DDP Days was an event organized for learning exchanges, presentations of country work, and discussions about the future of the DDP. There were over 80 participants from our partners.

DDP presents collective work on international enablers of staying below 1.5°C at SB58 in Bonn 

Johannes Svenson, DDP research fellow, presented a research poster entitled, “International Finance: a key global enabler for ambitious pathways in major emerging economies” last June 2023 at the Bonn climate conference.

Shortening Global Supply Chains as a Key to Decarbonizing Transport report launched 

The latest shipping report focuses on global supply chains as an important element in decarbonizing the shipping sector. This is co-written by the DDP’s Yann Briand.

Scenarios Forum 2022

International – experts: 2022 Scenarios Forum: This project was responsible for organising a specific session of the Forum. Its focus: drawing policy implications and insights for international climate dialogues from national deep decarbonisation scenarios. It featured the methods from this project.