South Africa In-country Work

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Behold the awe-inspiring sight of the Overberg Wind Farm in Western Cape, South Africa, captured from a panoramic aerial perspective, showcasing the harmony between technology and nature.

ESRG Working paper – Assessing the economy-wide effect of localizing renewable energy value chains in South Africa

This working paper synthesizes existing research and policy on the localisation efforts within the South African context…

In-country work since

2013 (start of DDPP)

Key areas of work

  • Net Zero & long-term planning 
  • Clean power and energy systems
  • Coal transitions
  • National systemic transformations
  • Just Transitions & socio-economic implications of the transitions 
  • Development & climate interface
  • Industrial decarbonization
  • International climate collaborations
  • Governance & public policy

Key in-country partners

Bryce Mccall
Research Officer
Andrew Marquard
Senior Researcher Officer
Hilton Trollip
Energy sector Specialist and Climate change mitigation Specialist ; Senior lecturer and Postgraduate Director of the Energy and Development Studies Programme at University of Cape Town (UCT).

Energy Research Center , University of Cape Town

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Latest DDP Scenario


  • CPS
  • DDS

DDP South Africa country factsheet

Imagine (currently being developed):

  • Reference scenario
  • 8Gt scenario
  • 9Gt scenario

Contributions to policy processes:

DDP South Africa has contributed to:

  • JETP process, including the JETP Investment plan
  • The South African LTS
    • Including a private sector agreement on LTS vision & underpinning industrial roadmaps 
  • The Enhanced NDC

Gender: Climate Change and urbanization in Gujarat

Key projects

  • NDC Aspects

Key in-country collaborations

  • N/A

Past and ongoing projects

  1. Country report (Nov 2021): Policy lessons on deep decarbonization in large emerging economies: South Africa
  2. In-person event at COP26 (Nov 2021): Long-Term Strategies in emerging economies
  3. Report (September 2021): Analysis of current ambition level in South Africa
  4. Ongoing engagement work on green primary iron (2021-now):
    1. Concept note: How Green Primary Iron production in South Africa could support local development and global decarbonisation
    2. Journal article: Hilton Trollip, Bryce McCall & Chris Bataille (2022) How green primary iron production in South Africa could help global decarbonization, Climate Policy, 22:2, 236-247, DOI: 10.1080/14693062.2021.2024123
    3. 2021: SA-EU High-level meeting on industrial decarbonization pathways, with NBI