The Deep Decarbonization Pathways initiative aims at helping governments and non-state actors make choices that put economies and societies on track to reach a carbon neutral world by the second half of the century.
It is an international collaboration of leading research teams who propose realistic pathways to deep decarbonization.
Our work is based on a transparent common methodology to inform both science and policy.

To empower global and national decision-makers
to take actions that achieve both development and climate objectives.
A deeply decarbonized world with drastically reduced inequalities.
We envision to be the go-to scientific network for decision-makers.

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The Network

We are a global network of in-country experts who share common scientific methods, helping governments identify realistic pathways to deep decarbonization. We ground our national and international engagement on the principles of being country-driven, country-led, country-owned.

   Active in-country DDP team
   Existing but non-active in-country DDP team
   Light touch engagement/emerging partnerships

Last Publications


Taking stock of progress by looking inside countries and sectors

This report seeks to open the box of emission pathways, by considering the multidimensional feasibility conditions-i.e. the technical, economic, political, social and institutional- that will enable the required far-reaching and systemic transformation towards the long-term goal.


Full report

Country chapters

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Slovak Republic, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Europe, France, UK, Hungary, Indonesia, India, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Poland, Russia, Senegal, United Kingdom, Usa, South Africa, Spain

Sector chapters

Land Use Sector, Industrial Sector, Transport Sector

November 2021

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