Mexico In-country Work

News and events

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In-country work since

2013 (start of DDPP)

Key areas of work

  • Net Zero & long-term planning
  • Clean power and energy systems
  • Macroeconomic and trade balance implications of fossil fuel phase out
  • Urban structure and emissions reductions
  • Energy and climate policy development
  • Climate technology strategies for developing countries
  • National systemic transformations
  • Just Transitions & socio-economic implications of the transitions
  • Development & climate interface
  • International climate collaborations
  • Governance & public policy

Key in-country partners

Daniel Buira
Co-Founder and Executive Director of Tempus Analitica A.C
Tempus Analitica A.C
Thalia Hernandez
Lead Economist at Tempus Analitica A.C
Tempus Analitica A.C
Jordi Tovilla
Co-Founder and Scientific Director of Tempus Analitica A.C
Tempus Analitica A.C

Tempus Analitica


Latest DDP Scenario


  • Current Policy
  • Deep Decarbonization

IMAGINE (currently being developed):

  • NDC (reference scenario)
  • DDP without trade adjustment policies

DDP with trade adjustment policies

  • N/A

Contributions to policy processes

DDP Mexico has contributed to: N/A

Key projects

  • DDP Transport

Key in-country collaborations

  • N/A

Past and ongoing projects

  1. Report (2022): ACT-DDP Mexico scenario notes
    1. Economy-wide
    2. Power generation
    3. Cement
    4. Passenger transport
  2. In-person workshop (April 2022): ACT-DDP Ambitious national commitments, and strategies of private companies
  3. Report (September 2021): Analysis of current ambition level in Mexico
  4. Report from DDP LAC project (2020):
    1. Policy lessons from the Deep Decarbonization Pathways in Latin America and the Caribbean Project
  5. Overall synthesis and country team perspectives